Catching reality’s beauty in an instant

I am fascinated by unfamiliar perspectives which show a different reality.
I am intrigued by the beauty in the ordinary.
I am searching for patterns and structures that create new connections.
I am inspired by breathtaking views and vivid colours.
And I love to capture all that in my photos and to make this visible to others.

My aim is to bring pictures into the world which capture an instant of the current reality, which surprises us and enables to discover other perspectives. It’s about being part of the world around and of feeling what’s there and to connect with it.

My passion for photography goes back to my childhood where I played around with my dad’s camera – a Praktika MTL 5. In April 2014, I dared to start Daylightly productions to have the impact I want by making my work accessible for a wider audience. The necessary tools and techniques I’m continuously learning from experienced photographers, e.g. Christian Anderl from shootcamp.at.

In addition to photography, I help women in transition to dare to be different and grow into themselves – with my coaching company Sevenbirds. The mission is to discover their uniqueness and how they can dedicate it to create a life which no only provides fulfilment to them but also contributes to the benefit of others.